We Unite Innovations

Our mission is to unite bright ideas from payments, processing, blockchain, AML and other fields for making FinTech industry even more dynamic and safe.

Being the leading SaaS Banking engine provider, we are well known by financial regulators in Europe, Asia and Middle East, we are connected to dozens of banks and hundreds of payment platforms. Our institutional clients use numerous 3rd party service providers linked through us.

We invite TechStars to join our family and to get access to hundreds of financial institutions and millions of active users around the world.

You have an idea useful for banks, FinTech or end-customers? Scale your business with us!

Our exposure:
  • 1.6M+ of active users
  • Established partnership with 100+ payment companies and banks
  • Managing 29 live FinTech companies
  • 6 more FinTechs and 2 banks on the pipe-line for launch
  • 1200+ consulting companies in Europe and Asia, that partner with us

We give the platform, you build the company. Your fast-track to global financial market.

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