The Core IT Platform for Banks and Fintech
Invoicing Gateway for EUR IBANs Online and Mobile banking Management Back office AML/KYC Marketplace
  • Cutting-edge platform chosen by dozens of FinTechs in Europe and Asia
  • Connectivity with SEPA CentroLINK, SWIFT, Target2 and Faster Payments
  • 300+ established APIs
  • Safe and efficient on-boarding procedure using 3rd party KYC/AML providers, as well as biometrics
  • Gateway for Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay, as well for 100+ Alternative Payment Methods
  • Advanced compliance features
  • Marketplace with a variety of services
  • Service Level Agreement with 99.99% operability
  • PSD2 compliant
Functionality Highlight
  • Full set of payments operations:
    • P2P money transfers
    • Top-up & Withdrawal
    • Payment acceptance includes Recurring payment & Subscription, Invoicing
    • Dispute Resolution Services: Refund, Chargeback, Partial refund & chargeback
    • Mass Payment
  • Loyalty: Cashback, Bonuses, Points & Discounts
  • Money exchange
  • Issuing & redeem of Prepaid cards & Gift cards
  • Multi-currency accounts for Clients
  • The concept of actors includes:
    • Primary actors: an individual, a merchant & mass-pay
    • Services actors: CFO, Compliance, Anti-fraud, Cashier, Accountant, Exchange, Customer Support
  • Fees & Limits for all types of operations
  • Powerful reporting
  • Aggregation type of payment gateway
  • Multilingual system
Integration layer
A Single Gateway to the Payment Universe

It’s tuned for all main payment methods, available as an off-the-shelf solution.

We constantly add new tools to make your FinTech unreachable for competitors.

Mobile Apps

A FinTech product is like an iceberg. Only 30% of a product is a front-end and 70% is a back-end and infrastructure.

The back-end is the invisible part, but the most crucial one that deals with functionality, security and scalability. Unlike front-end, that should be unique, back-end could be unified for thousands of products. That’s the key point why we’ve invented a unified back-end that covers all you need in a transaction-related business. You may design a mobile application that you need and simply consume API that enables your users to work with it.

Core banking: JAVA
Front-end: AngularJS
JasperReports — for secure and efficient reporting to accountants, auditors, banks, PSPs, Bank of Lithuania FCA, CySec, MAS and other financial regulators
Five steps to start
1 Week
Project evaluation
2-3 days
Legal part
2 weeks
Development process
1 weeks
Tests and quality assurance
1 week
Release of the platform
LIVE project within a month!
Best time performance in the industry!
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