Partnership Program
Offer your clients the industry’s
Leading banking platform.
By partnering with FintechLab you will be working with one of the leaders of retail and business banking platform providers. Our SaaS banking-engine adjustable for a variety of financial companies, making the solution customizable for any business scenario.
Many financial regulators are familiar with our platform, with its functionality and security.
Millions of active users enable us to constantly improve our customer experience, making payments more seamless and secure.
The platform is being used by dozens of live FinTech companies in Europe, Middle East and Asia.
Trusted by Companies around the world
FintechLab is close partner of hundreds of law and consulting companies around the world. We bring ready-to-go solutions for switching your FinTech client in LIVE mode in the shortest time in the industry.
Examples of our partners:
Corporate Consultants
Legal & Financial Advisers
Financial Bloggers
Active FinTech Forum Users
Financial Analysts
YouTube & Telegram FinTech Bloggers
And it’s not just the platform!
We are helping new and existing financial companies to build payment infrastructure, that is required for conducting activities upon their business models.
Choosing the right correspondent partners for pay-outs, for virtual IBANs, for prepaid cards, for currency exchange, for AML/KYC verificators, is a part of our consulting program. We also assist with upgrade of financial companies for direct membership with SWIFT, SEPA, card issuing/processing license.
Useless to spend time for creation of a bicycle, when your partner did many dozens of times.
Our aim is to be a one-time stop solution for all technical needs of your FinTech clients.
Regional Representative!

This is the ideal type of partnership for those who have a lot of knowledge and contacts in FinTech, and who understands superiority of our solution. You may have exclusive rights for representing us in your region and benefit from being a part of the industry leader.

The aim of the partnership is not only to sell our platform with additional services to a maximum amount of financial companies, but also to find local unique FinTech solutions and bring us together for synergy and mutual cooperation.

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