White Label in FinTech: How do eCommerce and Banking function?

The white label industry has evolved so rapidly that even if a couple of years ago you didn’t know what those words mean, now you have certainly encountered them and most probably more than once. With this intense speed of development of the industry, along with the rise in business competition, companies and FinTechs are deploying significant efforts in order to rethink the services they offer, upgrade their toolkits, and become more open towards cooperation with third-parties. White label solutions offer businesses a short-cut on the path towards the adoption of most recent innovations in the digital space.

White what?

White label solution is a service or a set of services under no brand or logo, that a company purchases in order to speed the set-up processes in the creation of their own product. This way, a company can dedicate time to the issues of great importance, such as strategic management and business development, while the party that provides the white label solution attunes all the technicalities. The latter are specialists and experts in the field of digital development and apply the services that have already been tested and approved in order to allow companies reach their markets faster.

Only few of the white label services providers in the FinTech industry give their clients an opportunity to create authentic payments products under their own brand within a short time-frame and with a relatively low budget. FinTechLab is one of them.

Who are our clients?

You name it: FinTech companies, start-ups, payment services providers, banks and other financial institutions. All of the latter usually get involved into unnecessarily lengthy procedures of licenses and certificates acquisition, as those are essential in order to launch operation. Besides, vast resources are dedicated on sustaining professional IT teams that work on the creation of complete system for online payments or banking systems. It is so simple to avoid this complicated struggle by simply taking advantage of the FinTechLab’s white label solution. Our ambitious and motivated team has worked hard on developing the program, considering various needs and nuances that eCommerce and online banking businesses face in the modern world. Among the existing benefits are the ones that concern budget, as white labelling allows companies to save-up funds, which are a limited resource. Needless to mention, FinTechLab values its customers and is always open to cooperation: we can modify our development process to best fit your needs, so that the system you receive at the end fully matches your expectations.

What are the white label solutions that FinTechLab offers?

We have a wide range of products that will allow you to operate your eCommerce business more efficiently, as well as to upgrade your online businesses, such as consumer sites or B2B services. Accepting and sending online payments is one of the core features for online businesses, yet also one of the most complicated.

FinTechLab offers a sophisticated and compliant software, whose functional gives our clients all the necessary instruments for running a payment business. The solution is fully compliant and includes effective anti-fraud mechanisms, risk management, and a lot more in order to meet any type of demanding requirements.

A white label from the FinTechLab will allow you to execute transactions and perform other banking-related activities online. In terms of performance, its simplicity, user-friendliness, and round-the-clock accessibility gives our solution a significant advantage over the existing alternatives. According to the estimates more than a half of the EU and the USA population has shifted towards using online banking services, due to the difference that the innovative experience provides.

We are here to assist providers in creating and implementing feature-rich solutions for online banking services that include multi-currency money transfers, international bank transfers and funds settlement, SEPA transfers, as well as automated verification procedures, ensuring full compliance in the meantime. In addition, the integrated system that we have created gives our clients an opportunity to issue and manage credit cards, as well as to provide effective customer support services, in the best practices of the industry.
Improve your business operation and join us in the strive for innovation by taking advantage of our top-quality white label solution!