No banking license? No longer a problem!

It is a common situation that an institution is willing to begin providing banking services without going through the lengthy and complicated procedure of obtaining the necessary license. We at FintechLab have developed a go-to white-label banking solution that is specifically useful in situations of this kind. Going into more depth, the solution covers a bank license across Europe, the necessary technology, compliance, risk management and top-level customer service. While you are taking care of your brand and working on its development, we professionally customize, deploy and help you with running the bank of your own.

With the help of Banking as a Service (BaaS) you can easily bring to life the digital banking concept you have developed in just few steps. The FintechLab specializes in providing the white-label cloud solution, powered by an open API. In the intense modern day rhythm it is difficult to stay focused, while taking care of numerous issues simultaneously. This is why it is at times much more convenient to pursue your goals with the help of other parties, who have the necessary expertise and network of partners. At the end, it’s all about optimizing the processes and making sure you work with the people and tools you can trust. The service that we provide comes in handy for those who want to fulfill their ideas, but do not have all the needed instruments. You will be able to rely on us when it comes to EU banking license, banking expertise and products, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) risk and compliance, dedicated customer service, remote desktop server and private cloud deployment. Not only do you free yourself from the need to be fully submerged under technical and regulatory constraints of the process, but you also minimize the risk you take on.

White-label from the FintechLab is the perfect solution for challenger banks, which do not want to loose time waiting for the issuance of a banking license and configuring the AML and regulatory compliance. What we have to offer is an end-to-end solution, enriched with the proper expertise and a strong technological component, aimed at future success. Think of it as of using a ready-made template that eliminates all the unnecessary hassle that can last quite a while. Your comprehensive digital bank will become a reality and start bringing you profits sooner than you expect.

No secret that retail, insurance, telecom and other industries have all been and remain impacted by digitalization to an unimaginable degree. However, the advantage that remains in place is the privileged relationship and attachment of the existing customers to the companies they’ve been trusting for years. The accessible innovative instruments give you a unique opportunity to additionally offer the clients, who already know you, essential banking services. The FintechLab has the expertise to help you throughout this journey. The tasks will be separated: you will have a chance to focus on your branding concept and key offerings, while we will take care of the rest. Your customers will gain access to convenient banking and a range of other useful financial options, coming from a provider they are well familiar with. It is a win-win situation, as you also get a chance to acquire a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs, buying patterns and behaviors.

Here are just a couple of features that come together with our solution:

  • Current accounts
  • Branded cards;
  • P2P, SEPA and other opportunities for making payments and transfers;
  • Top-level security.

By taking advantage of the solution that we have developed you will enjoy a variety of benefits, such as the ability to provide a full range of banking services under an EU banking license, without the need to spend time and money on building everything from scratch. We are flexible in tailoring our solution to the particular needs of your business and will be glad to share our knowledge and expertise and welcome you to the world of upgraded financial services.