How to pass KYC verification

In this tutorial we will guide you on how to successfully complete the KYC process. Kindly follow the steps below:

  1. After the registration and fill out the form with some personal information you will receive a link to your еmail for verification.
  1. To verify your identity browse a file with a photo of your ID-document (in good quality and with good lighting). Begin with uploading a front-side of your document and if required continue with your back-side.
  1. To know some recommendations on how to better take a photo for verification, just click on the button “Need help?”
  1. The next step is to take a selfie. In order to take a selfie, choose one of the ways: manually or automatically. The photo must be light and with a good quality.

Before sending an image, please be kind to make sure it meets all requirements listed below:

  • You are looking straight at the camera;
  • Your self-photo is in color;
  • Your photo is taken on a light, neutral background;
  • Your photo has no red eye effect;
  • You ARE NOT wearing sunglasses, a hat or a headband;
  • You SHOULDN’T move for a few seconds to take a clear photo;
  • Your appearance on the selfie must correspond to the appearance on your ID-document.

If all recommendations and requirements have been followed, then congratulations, all your documents have been uploaded successfully!

There are the following available system statuses in the back-office to correlate within business responses from KYC service provider:

These responses will be available in the system back-office for the compliance officer to provide the user within a final approval or disapproval on profile creation request.