How to make an outgoing payment using a batch file

In order to speed up the process of sending multiple transactions one by one, we implement a feature to send multiple transactions at once using a .CSV file. In this tutorial we will provide you within instructions on how to make a mass payment from the client-office.

  1. Enter the Client Office to see the start page. On the left side there is a menu, which includes: accounts, cards, payments, history. Navigate to the section named Payments, and select the Bank mass payment and click Create button.
  2. Then click on the Download template. In the open window click on the Save, download Valid_payment and open it.
  1. In order to edit the batch file, please use a suitable software tool, e.g. Excel, Notepad++, OpenOffice.
  1. In the opened file, copy the address line with payment details, designate referral code of every new transaction, and edit the transaction amount in every line. Make sure you enter the account numbers of beneficiaries you need to send payments to. Do this operation with each account from which one you want to make a payment.
  2. After filling all necessary information, go to the tab Payments and create Bank mass payment. Browse your ready-to-upload file, and click on the button Next. Check your transactions and view account information on accuracy. Then type your personal confirmation code that you received at registration of your personal account and click Confirm. To use OTP code to verify the transaction, kindly follow the instructions on how to enable Two-factor Authentication (2FA).
  1. After confirmation, transactions will be sent successfully.
  1. In the Back-Office, the system assistant overlooks your transactions as individual (separate) payments.