FinTechLab: a software development company, specializing in SaaS in the banking industry

Any uses of Software as a Service (SaaS) in the banking sector have to comply with the business and regulatory requirements that are imposed on the sector. For this reason, you must carefully review and select the proper provider, who has the most cost-effective offers for front and back office applications and tools.

FinTechLab has the latest technology to give you any IT banking instrument you might need

FinTechLab provides new-generation IT software for banks and financial institutions. With our solution you will not only enjoy top-quality products and services that will bring your business to a new level, but will also receive assistance concerning which tools to incorporate. The SaaS we have developed meets the needs of modern financial institutions, providing the best infrastructural management mechanisms. We have a wide network of trustworthy partners who we can rely on when it comes to high-level third-party services. The FinTechLab and our partners are flexible in terms of adjusting our SaaS and other integrated banking solutions according to your specific business type, and working ways to fit the relevant regulatory, tax and other constraints you might encounter. Our expertise and professionalism allow us to define the needs of the institution that vary from case to case, and optimize the deployment and investment costs.

IT services and instruments essential for the banking industry

In the modern world banks constantly develop ways to increase their competitiveness, and SaaS remains central to the process. Innovative technological solutions are a core part of banks operation, helping the latter to raise efficiency levels and the potential of future success. The banking application software that is traditionally used comes along with a need for larger investments in servers, PCs, network infrastructure and reliable backup mechanisms. Besides, hiring experts who will ensure the absence of interruptions in the systems operation is necessary. Banks are also required to put in place particular data security procedures and constantly update the existing systems. Deployment of SaaS offers a truly different experience that allows to forget about inconvenient and time-consuming standard procedures.

Insights of SaaS in the banking industry

The main attraction point related to the implementation of SaaS is lower investment costs. Moreover, the latter does not require sophisticated hardware infrastructure. FinTechLab becomes the secure host of the system and all that you will need to access the purchased solution is a regular PC along with Internet connection. In this way, you will be able to dedicate the main resources to growing and developing the business, while FinTechLab will take care of the maintenance and upgrade installations, ensuring that your services are always up-to-date.

Right partner choice

Keep in mind that banking software applications are the core element for the future success of the institution, allowing customers to access accounts and perform a range of banking operations online. Such applications are integrated in order to simplify the procedures of audit and keep clients’ funds secure. Therefore, the performance of your institution largely depends on the right partner choice for the provision of the software. FinTechLab has numerous clients across states and continents and years of experience in developing and providing outstanding software solutions. We dedicate time to understand the nature of our client’s business and rely on its particular needs and requirements to deliver proper solutions. We are offering SaaS to the actors of the banking industry, in order to help you achieve your goals and aspirations and become the leader in the sector.

FinTechLab SaaS solution

We have spent years focusing on assisting our clients in providing services of outstanding quality. Our aim is to be among the first who seize the innovative opportunities and stay ahead of the competitors. Our SaaS solution will accelerate the efficiency of your business, optimizing all operation processes, facilitating development and giving access to new markets and consumers
The FinTechLab is here to offer you a unique experience through its omni-channel solutions. In times when digital banking is constantly subject to developments and innovative updates, it is important to take advantage of the appearing opportunities in order to enjoy a new level of operational excellence and profitability. Be the one to improve your business with FinTechLab today and leave the competitors at disadvantage!