Where machines can help your compliance officer

Be Confident in Your Compliance

Compliance Module is an integral part of our banking engine, allowing financial companies to provide fast customer on-boarding, vigilant monitoring and accountability in front of auditors and regulators. You may configure the platform for unique circumstance and best practices of your institution. The platform is connected with the top European and American AML/KYC 3rd party providers that will bring even more trust from your supervisory authority.

In brief, your Compliance team will love it!

Fast and efficient on-boarding is the crucial element in any FinTech business. The process should be seamless and straightforward. Our Compliance Module will help your clients to sign-up from a computer or mobile using cutting-edge technology.

We sign-up more users

Increase conversions by up to 70% with fast
and seamless on-boarding

We cut your expenses

Save with compliance staff and reduce
costs of using multiple AML providers

We minimise your risk

Stay compliant and reduce fraud


All that within minutes!

  • Receiving account application form to the back-office/CRM
  • Video facial recognition with face matching technology
  • Automatic passport/ID card verification
  • Automated Global AML Watchlist checking
  • Push notification for confirmation of the email/phone number
  • Automated retrieval of company key information from dozens of government registers for corporate clients*
  • Uncover UBO structure for corporate clients*
  • Tracking the IP address of the application
  • Assignment of a risk scoring with specific limits for incoming/outgoing payments
  • Match with information in banks, mortgage companies and credit bureaus
  • Automatic rejection by numerous parameters
* Available for certain jurisdictions



  • Setting fire-walls based on numerous parameters (amount, currency, key words in payment details, etc.) for incoming and outgoing transactions
  • Automatic checking of sending/receiving parties through various Watchlists
  • Alarms about accessing the online/mobile banking from a blacklisted country/IP address
  • Weekly automated blobal AML Watchlist checking
  • Possibility to rescore the client and change the limits
  • Manual acceptance/rejection of incoming/outgoing transactions
  • Automatic blocking the account based on preset parameters
  • Manual request for supporting documents/information about a transaction
  • Limitation of card usage (ATM/online/POS) by MCC code or by country
  • Requesting acceptance of a transaction by a senior Compliance Officer based on preset parameters



  • Segregation of clients by multiple parameters
  • Consolidated report about total incoming/outgoing transactions
  • Ticketing system with tracking of all actions performed with a client’s file
  • Automatic notifications to competent authorities about certain transactions
  • Auditor friendly reporting