About us
Turn-key solution both for pioneers and veterans of FinTech industry.

Fintechlab cloud based ecosystem is one of the leading financial services tech enablers encompassing digital payment solutions (processing gateways, cross border and domestic remittances including SWIFT, SEPA Credit Transfers, SEPA Instant Credit transfers, Faster payments), digital e-wallet (core electronic money platform, white-label sub-platform, mobile neobanking), verification services integrations (KYC & AML), cards processing solutions, robust open banking API.

Today FinTech is rather Tech than Fin, thus having all the most trendy features is the key to the success. We replace a complete IT department and you constantly benefit from free automatical improvements with our quarterly releases. We can also add and customize any other features required by your business model.

Our team of payment experts provides a short-track for clients that are getting BIC and SWIFT codes, submitting the file to the European Payments Council, obtaining a license from Visa/MasterCard. We also connect our clients with processing companies for card acquiring and issuing.

Established API connections with the cheapest and reliable: pay-out companies, forex and crypto exchangers, automatized AML and KYC providers, a variety of European correspondent banks – allows you not only to save time for finding the right contacts for your business but also to benefit from a ready-to-use solution.

FintechLab SaaS banking engine is a fully PSD2 compliant. It is well known for many European and Asian financial regulators as a safe and reliable IT platform.

Our Team
We are a diverse team of founders, developers, project managers, analysts, advisers and just tech-enthusiasts coming from three continents for construction of a new approach for FinTech industry. We represent different cultures, each of us has a big expertise in its own field, but we all share the vision that entering the financial market should not require large investments and years of development. We already did that for you. We believe that technological progress should be accessible not only for mature market players, but also for those who just had a dream about inventing something unique for the financial industry.
Our Mission
«Along with earth, water, air and fire, money is the the fifth element which man most often has to be reckoned with» Joseph Brodsky.
We believe that money industry will play the crucial role in development of our society. Our mission is to break any barriers for bright ideas and to provide the simplest access to the industry with a cutting-edge technology and all modern payment solutions. Let’s create next big thing together!
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